Video interview technology. The new norm.

Video interview technology. The new norm.

So, hiring slowed down. That's to be expected; after all, with such dramatic changes to the way we live and work right now, there was bound to be a pause as we all got our heads around the evolving situation.

But what of the hiring requirements companies had planned for at the beginning of the year and the continued requirements (particularly for business critical positions or for scarce skill sets) companies have right now. They’ve not gone away; businesses still need to hire!

The good news is that most companies I am talking to expect the bounce back to be as rapid as the shutdown. (Forget what the scaremongering media says).

However, the hiring landscape has changed, (particularly the practicalities of interviewing and on-boarding).

For me, remote working and using conferencing technology was just another day in the office (having made our business “virtual” a couple of years ago). But to see how collectively we all figured out how to do conference calls, set up our home offices and to just get on with it was a perfect example of evolution (albeit forced).

So, to the point. Video Interviews are not a new thing. Savvy businesses have been cobbling together systems and technology to hold virtual interviews for years. When our business embraced the same some five years ago it was met with enthusiasm by some (mainly companies) and a combination of fear and dread, or a downright resistance altogether by others (mainly candidates).

Five years on and with a slight nudge from a global pandemic, I’m pleased to say the Video Interview has now finally been accepted (by almost everyone).

Dare I say it’s the new norm.

And if you are still not completely convinced, here are 10 key benefits our customers see:

  • Time savings for Interviewer & Interviewee
  • Cost saving for Interviewer & Interviewee
  • Adheres to Social distancing guidance
  • Allows for faster screening (automated solo interviews)
  • Allows candidates to express their personalities better than with a telephone interview
  • Allows companies to demonstrate employer brand
  • Improves the candidate experience
  • Allows companies to act quick to secure top talent
  • Interviews can be held anytime (automated solo interviews)
  • Smoother, quicker more effective stakeholder collaboration

The list goes on, but you get the idea.

So, if you are not yet benefiting from dedicated Video Interview Technology that is easy to use, allows for supplementary information (like CV’) to be included on the dashboard, offers easy stakeholder collaboration and saves you time and money, then get in contact, and we can meet (virtually of course) for a demo.

Bio: Jon Salt from Affinity Search is part Recruiter, part talent agent, part career coach with 20+ years of success bringing together top engineering and tech talent with great engineering and technology companies.