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Engineering a Diverse Team.

​With diversity in engineering no longer seen as a “nice to have” but rather an imperative to the health and sustainability of the industry as a whole. Engineering companies are beginning to insist on a balanced and diverse shortlist for their open vacancies across all areas of their business, from C suite to apprentice.Those leading the way do not believe it acceptable (or in any way productive) to merely tick a box to demonstrate hiring diversity has been considered during...

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Academic or Experienced?

Rightly or wrongly, there’s probably nothing more galling for an engineering veteran with 20 years or more under their belt than a ‘jumped-up’ graduate with little or no experience of the “real” working world. This is not graduate-bashing time, some do realise their deficiencies and want to learn from the very veterans their presence has irritated, but others irk even more by strutting around spouting paragraph after textbook paragraph, only to find themselves stumped at the first problem that doesn’t...

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