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Engineering a Diverse Team.

​With diversity in engineering no longer seen as a “nice to have” but rather an imperative to the health and sustainability of the industry as a whole. Engineering companies are beginning to insist on a balanced and diverse shortlist for their open vacancies across all areas of their business, from C suite to apprentice.Those leading the way do not believe it acceptable (or in any way productive) to merely tick a box to demonstrate hiring diversity has been considered during...

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Prepping for video interviews

I think we can safely say video interviewing is here to stay and that the benefits far exceed any preconceived advantages of meeting face to face. I mean, seriously, how important is the firmness of a candidates’ handshake anyway? To help those of you who are conducting or participating in video interviews at the moment, I thought this might be useful.

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Automated right to work compliance

How many times have you done something in the past few months of lock down and thought, hold on, why didn’t we always just do it like this? Isn’t it funny how quickly we’ve adapted to the circumstances and how it’s actually flagged up some non-COVID related issues we were just letting slide on the daily? For example, how great is working from home with no pollution-causing commute? And ordering your Starbucks on the app for a contactless collection, ideal!  Adapting...

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Video interview technology. The new norm.

So, hiring slowed down. That's to be expected; after all, with such dramatic changes to the way we live and work right now, there was bound to be a pause as we all got our heads around the evolving situation. But what of the hiring requirements companies had planned for at the beginning of the year and the continued requirements (particularly for business critical positions or for scarce skill sets) companies have right now. They’ve not gone away; businesses still need...

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How to Improve Emotional Intelligence

You probably know someone who you feel has more highly-developed emotional intelligence than you do, perhaps wondering how you can improve your own skills. While you might think emotional intelligence comes naturally and can’t be learnt, there are in fact significant steps you can take to enhance the way in which you handle your emotions and react in certain situations.   Become more self-aware Take time to recognise how you’re feeling and try to establish why you feel the way...

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