Automated right to work compliance

Automated right to work compliance

How many times have you done something in the past few months of lock down and thought, hold on, why didn’t we always just do it like this? Isn’t it funny how quickly we’ve adapted to the circumstances and how it’s actually flagged up some non-COVID related issues we were just letting slide on the daily? For example, how great is working from home with no pollution-causing commute? And ordering your Starbucks on the app for a contactless collection, ideal! 

Adapting to change

We’ve very much enjoyed being able to help our clients continue to hire, onboard and keep business as usual by using video interviewing software to keep the hiring process moving. And now, we’re introducing you to a game-changer that will make interviewing, and on-boarding candidates so much easier. 5 words...

Video. Right. To. Work. Checks. 

The old way

There are a few different ways that we used to go about verifying a candidate’s identity when interviewing or on-boarding; each not without drawbacks. 

The tech issues one 

Who actually has a scanner in their house these days? Asking candidates to scan their documents was an inconvenience even before we couldn’t go to libraries or friends’ houses to use theirs, but now it’s practically impossible. 

“Dear hiring manager, 

I’m so sorry, I don’t have a scanner. I was supposed to go to my uncle’s brother’s cat’s house to use his but he’s not in. I’ll try the library again tomorrow. 

Kind regards, 

Stressed out candidate” 

The not-so-tech-savvy one

Not every role is a tech role and there are candidates who have zero computer skills. Applying for new jobs is daunting enough never mind the extra pressure of having to figure out how to send over documents when you’ve never done anything like that before in your life. 

“Dear hiring manager, 

I’m so sorry, I don’t know how to scan? Do I have to download something? Can I do it on the Google? 

Kind regards, 

Worried about being a past-it candidate”

The not-trusted-with-passport one

Not everyone has their documents to hand or feels comfortable taking it out and about with them. Losing your passport or driver’s license is not only inconvenient but super expensive, so understandably people are often reluctant to take them out of their safe place unless necessary. 

“Dear hiring manager, 

I’ve just moved into a new flat so no proof of address yet and my passport is in my parents’ safe 20 miles away. Hope this isn’t a problem and I can still get started on Monday! 

Kind regards, 

Lost passport once and never been trusted with it again candidate”

Days, perhaps weeks, go by trying to collect documents from candidates to help place or onboard them. This basically amounts to time wasted while positions are needing to be filled and work is needing to be done. We’ve got a solution for the tech-less, non-tech-savvy, and the cautious candidates that saves everyone time and shows you’re a forward-thinking business that has adapted to change. 

The new way

Video right to work checks, let me explain how this works. Candidates receive a solo interview link to complete in their own time. There are no downloads required, just a simple click on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop and they’re ready to go. The candidates follow these 3 simple steps - 

Step 1

The candidate starts the solo interview. The first question asks them to confirm their name, date of birth, address, and to state the job they’re either applying for. Once they have recorded their answer, they click next. 

Step 2

They are asked to show their personal documents (eg. passport and/or driving license) to the camera for 5 seconds. Once completed the candidate can click finish. 

Step 3

They are then prompted to take a photo of the personal document. At this stage, they simply click ‘take a picture’ and hit upload once done, all without having to leave the platform or use another device. Once completed the candidate clicks finished. Simple as that. 

Then, in the same way as a solo interview, you get an email to say the candidate has completed the interview and you get a copy of the personal documents for your records too. 

Bada bing bada boom

Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it is. Super simple and speedy too. And the whole thing is encrypted and hyper-secure so those technophobes need not worry. So it begs the question, what were we thinking going about this the old way?