Monthly Articles: July 2016

Human Robot Integration in Manufacturing

Over the last few decades, manufacturing has changed a great deal. The development of labour-saving devices means that factories can handle larger tasks, for longer hours and complete things more rapidly than humans ever could. At first, those labour saving devices were simple machines that performed very specific tasks within strictly limited parameters. This has changed, however, and today we have robots that are capable of analysing situations, making decisions and working with or alongside humans in quite dynamic ways....

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Cyber Security for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 has become an important talking point over the last couple of years. It’s hard to deny that there have been a lot of incredible innovations in terms of smart factories and connected systems in recent times. But whenever there is progress, there are new problems to solve, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has certainly created its fair share of challenges. Cyber Physical Systems and Cyber Attacks The idea of cyber physical systems is at the core...

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Looking to progress your career? How to Make Sure You Get the Most from Your Recruiter

When it comes to finding a new job, it’s not as simple as perfecting your CV, scouring the press and various websites and then applying, although in some respects the new way to job-hunt is actually easier in a lot of ways. Now you register with an agency and let them do all the work for you. (Or do you)? Let’s answer that in a moment. More and more businesses are using recruitment professionals to fill their vacancies, as it...

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Don’t Just Survive Your Appraisal Own It!

An appraisal is an excellent opportunity to review progress, establish your objectives, celebrate success and have an open two-way conversation with your line manager. However, if you don’t plan for your appraisal, there is every chance that you won’t get the most from it. Our guide will help you to get organised. Know the Desired Outcome As with any meeting, it is essential to know what your desired outcome is from your appraisal process. Essentially, rather than fearing the risk...

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Academic or Experienced?

Rightly or wrongly, there’s probably nothing more galling for an engineering veteran with 20 years or more under their belt than a ‘jumped-up’ graduate with little or no experience of the “real” working world. This is not graduate-bashing time, some do realise their deficiencies and want to learn from the very veterans their presence has irritated, but others irk even more by strutting around spouting paragraph after textbook paragraph, only to find themselves stumped at the first problem that doesn’t...

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