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Our Mission

To help great firms in Control & Automation achieve commercial success through building world-class sales, engineering and management teams.

How we can help you

So here’s the problem:

  • Hiring costs are escalating
  • You’re just not getting the quality of candidates you need
  • Holding on to your great employees is increasingly difficult
  • The cost of hiring badly almost scares you to inaction
  • The hiring process itself doesn’t give you the confidence to expel the previous points.


If any of the above resonates with you – you’re not alone. Our research has shown those five hiring challenges to be the most consistent headaches for hiring managers in the Control & Automation sector.

Imagine you could solve those challenges. What would that mean to you personally? What would that mean to your business?

  • What if the cost of hiring became irrelevant because the value your new hire brought gave incredible return on investment?
  • What if your star players not only exceeded their objectives but attracted other like-minded star players to your company.
  • What if you had a system embedded into the DNA of your business that consistently enabled you to attract, assess and appoint the type of employees you really want


This can happen. You can realise this kind of success and we can show you how!

We’re the people that created the “7 Step Performance & Behavioural Hiring Strategy which consistently delivers outstanding, predictable hiring outcomes. What’s more we know the Control & Automation industry intimately. Most importantly, we know how these elements fit together to form a cohesive whole far greater than any part in isolation. So whether you need to build an entire team from scratch, fix one that isn’t working, or you already have this all figured out and simply need a new star for your team, we can make it happen.

7 step performance & behavioural hiring strategy model